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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Conservation leadership and education

What a day.  The 2010 Audubon TogetherGreen Fellows were officially announced.  It is an amazing honor to be a part of this inspirational group of people.  But most of all, when you read what these folks are doing, it provides great hope for the future.  These are the stories that don't make it to the media outlets often enough.

I haven't formulated my thoughts on properity and parenting yet, but strongly believe that nature, reading and educational opportunities are a part of the "recipe".  I also believe--from personal experience--that parents can learn much from their children.  One of my fellow Fellows expresses this quite wonderfully in a post at his blogsite today:

And while we are on the themes of education and conservation leadership, my colleague Hilde Binford and I started this blog last year when we went to the U.N. Climate negotiations in Copenhagen (COP15).  She is currently in China for the pre-COP16 meetings and has posted a number of entries about what is happening (including China's quest for greater prosperity and the consequences of this).  We will be heading to Cancun for COP16 on November 30th, and will continue the e-conversation.

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