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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Uprisings in Ecuador

A bit of a shock to read CNN tonight and learn of a possible attempted coup on the Ecuadorian government.  My next Ecuadorian post will be about the capital city of Quito, but I wasn't thinking about this type of event!

I did talk to a number of people about how President Rafael Correa Delgado is viewed.  He has a strong social and environmental agenda which is admired by some but of deep concern to others who fear it will bring down the economy even further.  The good ol' environment vs. economy debate, which, of course, is an oversimplification of a much more complex set of issues.

I am in awe of Ecuador's new constitution that includes rights for nature and Correa's challenge to the developed world to pay Ecuador to not drill for oil in the Amazon.  At least in the short term, he seems to be putting the choice of preserving this region of extreme biodiversity and intriguing culture vs. the world demand for oil in the hands of those who want both!

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