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Monday, November 1, 2010

A photo essay on "Home" and the big 2010 fall storm

In my last posting, I commented about the power (both in a physical and spiritual sense) of Lake Superior and the importance of this place in my life and to my wellbeing.  Hopefully, we each have a special place that we hold a close connection to, that has had a strong impact on who we are, and will remain our "home" regardless of where we may move to. 

What follows is a photo essay from my recent trip back home to the Upper Peninsula.  I hope that you can see why it is so rejuvenating for me and why I feel especially blessed to have had the opportunity to grow up there.  As I was headed back to my other home in Pennsylvania yesterday, I was struck by a banner in the Indianapolis airport that read:

"Back home
    On the ground
We discover
    that the gift
    the great wings gave us
    is new eyes to see that
    this place where we live
    we love more than we knew."

This so captures how I feel each time I return to Michigan.  Enjoy the photos. 

Looking towards the bay of Lake Superior in Marquette, MI

Looking back south with the old Coast Guard station in view

Sailboats ready for winter - something I dream of owning!

A remaining ore dock for loading iron ore pellets onto ships

A series of images of the shoreline at Presque Isle Park

Leaving the park

Near Silver Lake along Highway 95

Abandoned trains.  It is sad to see how many tracks have been removed.
I used to go to sleep listening to the trains carrying ore on the way to the Soo Locks.

The Michigamme River

Rock outcroppings near Republic.
These are found throughout the U.P.
They often contain glacial marks, large quartz veins, deposits of hematite, granite and sometimes copper.

Back to Marquette on the first day of the big storm

Barriers were in place to warn people from walking out on the breakwall. 
In the past, people have been knocked over by the waves to their chilly death.

This serene setting in the park doesn't reflect how blustery it was

I have walked on these rocks since I was quite young.

Where I came in college to get away from the books

The power of the wind and waves

These pools form from the waves that blow over the rocks


Life is good

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