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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Off to COP16

On Tuesday, my son Corey and I will be heading to Cancun for the U.N. Climate Change convention - COP16.  We will be joined by others from Moravian College (a faculty colleague, students and 2 alumni) who will be reporting on what we learn at

There are so many issues impacting the future of this planet and the well-being of not only us humans, but of most species.  Those of us in the industrial world are not treading along a sustainable path, but climate change and its impact may be the most serious challenge of all that we will have to confront.  I am not at all sure that the negotiations in Mexico will bring us to where we need to be, but we have to hope that the voices of civil society will be heard by the official parties, that the cries of those who are already suffering from environmental changes will be heeded.

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