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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Back online and interested in your thoughts

I have been way-sided for several weeks by a major ecological assessment report and the holidays.  My truly wonderful (but busy) sabbatical has come to an end and I am back teaching and being department chair.
Tomorrow I begin teaching my new pilot course entitled "Redefining Prosperity: Moving Toward a Culture of Sustainability".  This is a rather intimidating (and exciting) endeavor as I will be stepping way outside of my teaching comfort zone and area of expertise.  (I am a biochemist by training who has gradually been venturing further into ecological restoration and conservation work.)  You will hear more about this course as the semester progresses.

It is my intention to pose questions to my students each week (and to friends, acquaintances, and others through social networks) and compile the responses into entries for this blog.  This is an experiment in itself; I have no idea of how this will work!

This week's questions:

- Reflect on what makes you happy/what is good in your life
- List 5 to 10 things that you can’t live without

I welcome your responses to these questions.  I will compile the responses that I receive from others and post.  I am particularly interested in the categories that responses fall into.

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